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Poem: You cut the pill with a knife

from Arrows for when you feel good: Sixteen poems | purchase here

Dream: you cut the pill with a knife to
show me what’s inside,
as if the chemicals could
be seen, be understood by the untrained eye–
and they could. From the casing poured pink
and blue bubbles, plastic orbs, tiny beads,
and I said, “Shit,” and you seemed to take it to heart.

The drugs made you unbearably hot;
you stood in the kitchen in briefs.

You said, “Let’s go into
the bedroom where we can talk,”
so we climbed the carpeted stairs
to the room with the two twin beds.
I put my hand on your back to give you comfort,
felt the heat radiating out through your spine,
and we paused there, nearly nude,
both strung out from this terrible cure;

somewhere in the house, the dog made noise,
so you left to let him out into the night.
I lay there, waiting for peace, and feeling
my mouth go dry.

Poem: Forever is fast

from Arrows for when you feel good: Sixteen poems | purchase here

Forever is fast,
flees from me as I sit
in the blue leather chair that reclines,
with an IV in my arm and
pills dissolving in my gut.
Ann forgets to remove the tourniquet
at the proper time, and so something –
my arm, the needle, the tube, vibrates,
scares me shitless and causes a cold sweat,
a lightheaded dive into unconsciousness.
“Oops,” she says, snapping the tourniquet loose,
anchoring my brain to my body again.

Four years for a degree I don’t want,
a half-finished book, poems too private
and lewd, friends who have left or
are leaving, no job, another year’s
worth of rent (half a grand a month x10),
and no will to trade buckets of time for a dollar sign.

For now, I rest,
and wait for the loud beep that means
the IV bag is empty and I can leave.